Thursday, March 25, 2010

NEXT STOP ... Reality TV? Screenplays? Hollywood?

"From Memories to Monologues" Writers and Actors celebrate, and are awarded Certificates of Recognition from the LAUSD's Programs for Older Adults Advisor Arlene Torluemke (Bottom, right) as History is made in North Hollywood.
Never before, through North Hollywood Adult School, have older adult writers told stories about their loved ones that they then could turn into monologues which could then be performed by Older Adult actors.
A DVD of the event is being made, and will be available.
Instructor Buddy Powell coached the actors.
Instructor/Writer and Producer Fjaere Mooney developed the event and proudly facilitated the writing workshops which lead to the original monologues.
"Tea and Tales" will publish the full monologues as well as their complete anthology in June.
Thank you to all involved. You rock.
Next stop? Hollywood.

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