Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I offer a dissent as to the propriety of using that word as an essay subject.
One of the main meanings of the word, according to Webster's, has to do with judicial opinion, notably from the Supreme Court.
Although I may agree with many (or none) such dissents, I am not going to discuss them on this blog.
In the meantime:

I was decent, and declined to dissent.
I dissented to descend into the cave.
I canceled, or dis-sent the message.
I neutralized- or dis-scented the odor.

And finally: I bisect da cent and get two half-pennies.

I apologize for all of the above.

Local humorist-essayist J.D. Karr is also an actor-director, and member of the LAUSD's "Tea and Tales" literary group.

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