Monday, October 26, 2009

Our First ElderBlog! Read and Enjoy

Sam Krause is a
proud member of the LAUSD Family History and Personal Recollections Class, we affectionately call, "Tea and Tales." Now 88 years old, Sam remembers what he has been told about his own birth! We welcome your comments! Cheers, Fiera

By Samuel Krause
I was born June 16, 1921, in Philadelphia, number four of a family of five, three daughters and two sons, the family of Ben and Ann Krause. I wasn’t very aware when it happened, because I was more concerned with getting out from the confinement at the time, more than anything else.
That being the case, I can’t tell you factually how and what actually happened. I can tell you what I have been told since then. Apparently, my mother had not made any transportation plan to get to the hospital for my arrival, so my birth did not happen as normally expected. When it suddenly happened, and transportation was finally secured to the hospital, lo and behold, my mom and I were taken from the taxi into the emergency room by the Methodist Hospital medical staff.
From that point, my life progressed somewhat normally, and I grew up to be the typical “I do it so” kid. I was kind of my mother’s favorite one of the bunch and somewhat spoiled a little. I didn’t mind that, because I got away with as much as I could, and that wasn’t easy to do in the group of five.
One of the most memorable things I was told and remember while growing up was that Warren Harding was President when I was born. I also vividly remember the Philadelphia 1926/1927 Sesquicentennial, with the huge Liberty Bell that was erected over Broad Street. Cars could drive under or around it, in going to and from the main exhibition grounds. One other major event I remember was the colossal and famous Dempsey/Tunney fight that is now inscribed in history.
Years beyond my birth, after serving in the Army during WWII,
I moved my family to California, where I’m now growing very old and useless to society and the ladies.