Friday, February 25, 2011

Tea and Tales Writer's Salon Presents Novelist and Short Fiction Writer Jerome Nilssen

Tea and Tales Writer's Salon is proud to present Novelist Jerome Nilssen
in a conversation about
The Art of Writing Fiction
When: Monday, March 14, 2011
Where: Valley Village Senior Apts.
Please email for reservation and more information:

About Mr. Nilssen:
Jerome Nilssen, a prolific playwright, short story writer and novelist writes about "what it takes to grow up in America - how to make it." Nilssen's first published novel, "The Drowning, The Dancing" was described by Carlos Baker, Princeton University, as a "geniuinely philosophical novel with a cast of characters who give the desirable illusion of being real people."
Mr. Nilssen has just completed a 500-page manuscript. A sample from the new novel will be read. Discussion will follow, as will a reception.
We are indeed honored and excited to welcome this personable and interesting talent!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More from the Valentine's Day Poetry Salon. the beautiful Clubhouse at Valley Village Senior Apts

Poetry Alive at Tea and Tales Writer's Salon

A little snippet from the Tea and Tales Writer's Salon featuring Poet Sidni Myles. Joe Jelikowsky interviewed Ms. Myles and Allan Lurie moderated a great discussion. Mary Toh coordinated a brilliant array pf refreshments. Ms Stringer's English class from Amelia Earhart Continuation School attended. Older adults from North Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Valley Village, and Valley Glen attended and engaged with vigor. How do we break writer's blocks? How do we trust our voices? How do we press forward? How does poetry help us to say what we need to say?
Attending also: Assistant Principal from NHPCAS Cynthia Diaz, and POA/Lausd Advisor Arlene Torluemke.
More pictures and footage to come.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Poet Sidni Louise Myles Featured Tea and Tales Writer's Salon Valentine's Day 2011

Poet and Autobiographer Sidni Louise Myles

You are Invited to Attend This Special Celebration of Poetry with Sidni Louise Myles

WHEN: Monday, February 14, 2011 at 1:30pm, reception following

WHERE: Valley Village Senior Apts. 11211 Chandler Blvd. ValleyVillage, CA 91607


FREE, but reservations required. PLease email

This Writer's Salon was created by Instructor Fiera Mooney, as part of the "Family History and Personal Recollections Class" offered through Programs for Older Adults, LAUSD, thanks to North Hollywood POly Community Adult School, Principal Carl Badeau and APO Cynthia Diaz for their loving support of older adult education.

We learn by living and as long as we live. This is true education.

End ageism. Support life-long learning.

About Sidni:

Sidni Myles, innovator of the art of Rap Storytelling with originally composed theme music, began her professional career as a researcher before moving on to the fields of education and art. A Los Angeles native, Ms. Myles earned a Bachelors of Science for Health Education from San Francisco State, a Masters from San Jose State in Public Health and a second Masters degree in Education from National University. With a passion for teaching Sidni Myles has worked with a diverse range of students by instructing Biology and Health Education to high school students as well as Dance and Reading Literacy to senior citizens. Successful mother of two, Sidni understands the importance and power of legacy, which was what motivated her to write her own story and become a published author. Captivating and yet down to earth, the words and music of Sidni Myles will inspire you like magic.

Tea and Tales Writer's Salon Presenters and a Short Video Featuring LA Times Writer Kurt Streeter

Tea and Tales Presenters, from Top:
Moderator Allan Lurie, Reader Anne Cohen, and Interviewer Sam Krause. Here is a small video of part of the interview with LA Times Feature Writer Kurt Streeter