Friday, February 25, 2011

Tea and Tales Writer's Salon Presents Novelist and Short Fiction Writer Jerome Nilssen

Tea and Tales Writer's Salon is proud to present Novelist Jerome Nilssen
in a conversation about
The Art of Writing Fiction
When: Monday, March 14, 2011
Where: Valley Village Senior Apts.
Please email for reservation and more information:

About Mr. Nilssen:
Jerome Nilssen, a prolific playwright, short story writer and novelist writes about "what it takes to grow up in America - how to make it." Nilssen's first published novel, "The Drowning, The Dancing" was described by Carlos Baker, Princeton University, as a "geniuinely philosophical novel with a cast of characters who give the desirable illusion of being real people."
Mr. Nilssen has just completed a 500-page manuscript. A sample from the new novel will be read. Discussion will follow, as will a reception.
We are indeed honored and excited to welcome this personable and interesting talent!

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