Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Today Is the First Day of the Rest of Fire Life

I am writing today as the ashes fall and the sun creates a butterscotch luminosity, a giant angel who fell too fast and burst into flames in the forest.
Welcome to our Firehouse.
I must tell you that I will not be the solitary writer here.
In fact, this blog will feature the work of many writers.
These cats get together every Monday at the Valley Village Senior Center in North Hollywood, CA, to tell stories, write tales and essays, share thoughts for the day. Now they are going to publish, right here, just for you!
Stories about the way it was, that might lend some insight into why it is what it is now.
We will tell you more about the Tea and Tales Writer's Group, as this blog moves on in time.
This early evening, I just wanted to say thanks for keeping me company.
There's an eeriness to this blaze, though the sunsets are glorious.
To be continued.
Fiera Mooney


  1. Looking forward to hearing and reading more. love your first follower, deb spera.